Next performances of Kawral ‘The encounter’

33 days ago

Kawral - the encounter is a collaboration between Mâäk and Salia Sanou and an encounter between artists from Burkina Faso & Belgium.

Mâäk Quintet in Liège!

56 days ago

Check them out @ L'An Vert!

Souffle Rit Souffle Danse...

98 days ago

This is a community arts project stemming from the dance and music performance 'Kawral: The encounter'. This was a collaboration between Salia Sanou, choreographer with origins in Burkina Faso and Laurent Blondiau, trumpet player and the Mâäk collective.  Kawral had a first tour in september 2016 and will play again in March 2017 at the 19th Biennale of dance in Val-de-Marne and Brussels. All work sessions of 'Souffle Rit Souffle Danse' are free and will take place in Paris. For more info and agenda, check the website of la Briqueterie

Next performances of MwSOUL!

138 days ago

Make sure you don't miss the next shows of MwSOUL, with the Tunesian artist Ghalia Benali & Mâäk! Album release in spring 2017 on the label De werf Records!

'Les Ventistes du Faso' perform at Festival Recreatrales in Ouagadougou

154 days ago
"Les Ventistes du Faso" is a project coordinated by Laurent Blondiau and Toine Thys. The goal is to develop the practice of wind instruments (woodwind and brass) in Burkina Faso, and encourage the creation of 'horn sections' quickly adaptable to existing bands. 

Mâäk Quintet plays at Point Culture!

166 days ago

The core players of Mâäk jazz collective will perform on the 21th of October! 

MikMâäk plays at W.E.R.F. Labelnight!

174 days ago

No boundaries, more bigband! Check out MikMâäk at W.E.R.F. Labelnight!

Kawral - The encounter

187 days ago

Check out this creation of Mâäk and Salia Sanou, uniting Burkina Faso and Belgium!

New MikMâäk Trailer!

237 days ago

Check out your favourite bigband on a HD trailer!

MikMâäk @ Les RDV de l’Erdre!

244 days ago

Place to be on 28/08: Les RDV de l'Erdre for the concert of MikMâäk!

Mw'Soul live at 'Le monde est un Village'

295 days ago

A live session with Ghalia Benali, Laurent Blondiau, Moufadhel Adhoum & João Lobo!

MikMâäk plays at Mithra Jazz Festival

322 days ago

MikMâäk hits Liège!

MET-X @ Jazzahead 2016!

345 days ago

Join us in Bremen!

MET-X & Mâäk: What's in a name?

398 days ago

After several years of close collaboration, MET-X & Mâäk are one! 

Mâäk Quintet & the Jazz Tour

411 days ago

Music Lovers get ready: Mâäk Quintet is going on tour!

MW'Soul on the move again!

448 days ago

Laurent Blondiau and River Jazz Night...

MikMâäk's first album is ready for the mix!

635 days ago

Goodieeee! MikMâäk has just recorded its first album at De Werf in Bruges!

Mâäk on SoundCloud!

854 days ago

From now on, you can listen to our different projects on SoundCloud! Enjoy!

NINE is out!!

910 days ago

The new album of Mâäk Quintet "NINE" is out and it sounds beautiful!

New album!! Coming out October 2014

1030 days ago

Mâäk Quintet will be recording a new record at the end of this summer.

Buenaventura still for sale

1282 days ago

If you haven't gotten your copy of Buenaventura, you still have a chance to own the enchanting album.

Albert Anagoko R.I.P.

1324 days ago

Today we have learned the sad news of the passing of Albert Anagoko. A creative musical leader, for who the Albert Anagoko Ensemble was named.

photos Mâäk in residency @ King Kong, Troyville are now online!

1663 days ago

Mâäk was in residency in King Kong, a new cultural centre in Troyville, Johannesburg, South Africa.


1762 days ago

... we ended our tour of KOJO last Saturday.

You can see some photos here.

Let us tease you

1786 days ago

Here you can find the teaser of our KOJO tour, this May 2012.

Find our tour dates here.

Mâäk @ Jazzahead 2012

1817 days ago

We will be going to the Jazzahead meeting in Bremen!

Mâäk arranged the horn sections on the new cd 'Wait for Me' of Zita Swoon Group

1849 days ago

The new cd 'Wait for Me' of Zita Swoon Group is released! Mâäk was asked to arrange and play the horn sections on this cd!

We're back from our African adventure!

1898 days ago

We're back from our African adventure and have a lot of footage thanks to Sam Asaert! Keep an eye on our website, because we will have new trailers/videos/impressions/... very VERY soon!

Mâäk started its African KOJO-tour! We'll be back in 2012!

1936 days ago

From 10th December till 1st January we are touring withKOJO in Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal. These three weeks of touring promise to be very intense! So good idea to bring the director Sam Asaert with us. He will make a documentary of our trip!

Tomorrow starts our small tour with Trance Mission!

1958 days ago

Tomorrow we start to tour in Brussels and Germany with Trance Mission. Grégoire Tirtiaux invited us for this exciting project!

Tuur Florizoone explains why he likes to work with musicians of Mâäk

2017 days ago

Tuur Florizoone explains why he likes to work with Laurent Blondiau and Michel Massot. 

You can find the video on It's the last video on this page.

Mâäk got reviewed!

2048 days ago

Jacques Prouvost of Jazzques made a review about two concerts of Mâäk.

We are recording a new CD in September!

2069 days ago

In September we will be recording a new CD in Jet Studio, the oldest recording studio in Belgium. Mâäk (Laurent Blondiau / trumpet, Guillaume Orti / altsax, Michel Massot / tuba, trombone and Jeroen van Herzeele / sax) will be supported by the two Hungarian musicians Gabo Gador (guitar) and Tamas Sandor Geroly (percussion) and the French Claude Tchamitchian (double bass).

New photos and video of our gig in MicroMarché during Fête de la Musique on 17th June 2011!

2076 days ago

We were invited to play in MicroMarché, Brussels during Fête de la Musique on 17th June 2011. You can now watch some impressions of that gig.

We reprinted 'Le Nom du Vent' !

2108 days ago

We reprinted 'Le Nom du Vent' ! Because this CD we made in 2001 was such a great success that it was sold out. Now, it is put back online in our shop! 

We did some interesting uploads in our Media-section!

2143 days ago

We uploaded the KOJO-documentary and some images from our road trip to Mali!

Photos of the KOJO-project arrived!

2255 days ago

Thanks to Filip Gossele we can present some new photos of the KOJO-tour in November 2010.

The Mâäk + guests concert @ Jazz Gaume

2415 days ago

Come and have a look at the photos !
(taken by Jean-Pierre Goffin)

Mâäk @ Benin

2517 days ago

During a first trip to Abomey (Benin) in December 2009, two musicians of Mâäk’s Spirit met various Benin artists.