1. ElectroUaga

    Mâäk's Electro Project goes Burkinabé!!

  2. Les Ventistes du Faso

    What? No horn sections in Burkina Faso? Laurent and Toine to the rescue!

  3. MikMâäk

    A slightly peculiar big band and a work-in-progress. A mix of composed music in combination with improvisation.

  4. Project Electro

    Since 2011 we have a new project called Project Electro. 

    This project is very free and improvised. It was performed for the first time on 5th August 2011 at Recyclart, Brussels. This was so much fun and the reactions during this concert were so positive and overwhelming that we decided to work further on it. 


  5. KOJO - Mâäk & Albert Anagoko Ensemble

    For some years now, de musicians of Mâäk’s Spirit want to combine wind instruments, percussionists and singers in projects that mix tradition with improvisation.

  6. MW'SOUL / Ghalia Benali & Mâäk

    For her new project MW'SOUL Ghalia Benali invited Mâäk to work with her. Mâäk was more than happy to work with her on this Soufi inspired project.


  7. Mâäk Septet

    Mâäk is also touring with their Septet. The quintet is joined by Claude Tchamitchian on double bass and Marc Ducret on guitar.


  8. Il n'y a pas de fraises en hiver

    Il n'y a pas de fraises en hiver is a work on the practice of improvisation, more precise: make artistic proposals for a given moment in a given place. The performances can take place more times a day in different places, for some minutes or some hours with the whole group, but also in every possible combination (solo, duo,...). Sometimes there can be a guest musician/artist.

  9. CD Stroke

    Mâäk’s Spirit meets South-African spoken word artists in a collaborative musical project.


  10. CD Al Majmaâ

    Al majmaa is a Musical Encounter between Mâäk, Ensemble Gnawa Express (Maâlem Abdelmajid Domnati, Morocco) and Baba Sissoko (Mali).

  11. CD Le Nom du Vent

    In 2001 Mäâk (as a sextet) spent two weeks in Essaouira, jamming and living together and immersing themselves in the music and the ways of the Gnawa…

  12. CD Five

    5 is the fifth album of Mâäk. Simple, no?! 5 is a jazz album…

  13. CD Lives

    LIVE’s is Mâäk’s first album, recorded live at at three concerts in “Café den Turk” in Gent in april 1998.